Monday, July 16, 2012

Android USB Tethering in Ubuntu.

Android phones provide a  fast and simple method for connecting your pc to internet, called as tethering. In Windows and Linux Mint, the system gets automatically connected to internet, when you enable tethering in your phone.
In case of Ubuntu, it doesn't happen automatically. Just follow these steps for configuring your Ubuntu box for usb tethering :-

  • First of all, connect your mobile to pc through usb connector cable and enable usb tethering in your android phone.
  • Execute:   /etc/init.d/ wicd start 
  • Go to Internet tab and open wicd Network Manager. 
  • Go to preferences and apply settings as depicted in the image :- 

[i.e. In General Settings type usb0 in wired interface textbox, check the Always switch to a wired connection when available checkbox.Click ok.]
  •  Execute: ifconfig 
      usb0 interface might not be visible.
  • Execute: ifconfig usb0 up
This will change the state of usb0 interface from down to up.
  • Execute: ifconfig
Check again the visible interfaces. Usb0 will be visible this time.
  • Go to wicd application. 
You will see a wired connection, click on connect.
Now, you are connected to internet.

There are some android apps which does tethering for you. One of them is this one.


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